Are all thin film coatings alike? Absolutely not.

Anti-Reflection, Inc. strives to stay ahead of the curve with coating technology in today’s market. Whether it’s the best hydrophobic characteristics available, color free AR, filters for protection from retinal damage, or stylish colors in mirror coating, we have something to offer everyone and chances are, you will receive it back from us faster than anyone around.


hevolution-white HEVolution is designed to filter out or reduce exposure to HEV (High Energy Visible) light which is present in the violet blue band between 400-500nm. This coating is comprised of two separate coatings: one on the front to reduce HEV exposure and one on the back to reduce UV light reflection.

Natural AR

Natural AR is our highest performing anti-reflective coating with a very high Bayer score. The Bayer ISTM test is an evaluation of the level of scratch resistance by exposing lenses to an abrasive substance in a small shaker pan for 600 cycles, and then measuring the light transmission of the exposed lenses. Higher scores are indicative of a higher degree of light transmission.

Supreme Performance AR

Our Supreme Performance AR comes standard with a high contact angle, easy to clean super hydrophobic topcoat.

Performance AR

Basic AR

Our Basic anti-reflective coating adheres to any substrate.

Mirror Coatings

All of our mirror coatings are dielectric mirrors designed to increase reflectance. Anti-Reflection Inc. can apply all of our mirror coatings to a diverse range of materials for ultimate compatibility offering far better return times than most of our larger competitors.