Our Process

Since 2003, Anti-Reflection, Inc. has perfected a craft of superior customer service and same day turnaround. Combine this with design recipes and vacuum equipment that are at the forefront of technology available within our industry and our customers receive a level of quality and service that is unparalleled. As work is shipped in each morning from our customers, our highly trained staff of lab technicians inspect every job to ensure that the quality meets or exceeds the expectations of everyone we conduct business with. In the event that it is not, our customers are notified promptly saving them not only time, but money as well.

Anti-Reflection, Inc. is a custom thin film coating facility which means we can apply our coatings to just about any manufacturer’s material, any substrate or any hard coat on the market. All of our processes are manufactured in vacuum chambers using electron beam deposition and we strive to keep very tight tolerances on the quality of our coatings.

We apply our opthalmic processes to both uncut and edged lenses ensuring that each material is received with the proper requirements to produce work that is comparable on every level to the industry leaders. Anti-Reflection, Inc. allows our customers to operate with an increased level of flexibility in having their work processed as they see fit as we limit the amount of restrictions while manufacturing a quality, repeatable product.